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The How To teach ESOL the easy way!

Learning English as a second language can be great fun! We have spent years teaching English and found that the best way for students to learn and remember is to charge the lesson with exciting, interesting, fascinating and even controversial content.

If you have already taught ESOL courses, you have likely seen and/or experienced the frustration and anxious moments preparing for your class. This may have included hastily cutting out images and text that you’re going to hang up in the classroom or pass out to students, waiting in line for the copier, and wondering whether or not you’re going to exceed your copy limit for the day or week, and etcetera. All of this simply isn’t necessary and may even be counterproductive at times.

Our two week advanced series (designed for B level and above learners) has been warmly received and students have returned to repeat the course just for the fun of it.

To this end the Haven-Empowerment teaching model was developed – a teaching method developed and refined by our founder, J.P. McLaughlin. This teaching system provides a comfortable and challenging setting where students can exercise their newly acquired knowledge and skills as they learn.

The H-E Empowerment – How to Book is in its final stage of editing. Please check back. . . 

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