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If you are reading this then you are likely one of the many students  taking ongoing courses and preparing for an examination. You may be meeting your home State’s requirements to be admitted into preferred higher education institutions.

This page is designed to assist you identifying British requirements and selecting an appropriate English Summer school provider. Where do you want to study?. . . Quality of service, people first, qualified staff, well organized programs and tours, . . . . The better, registered, licensed . . . providers are listed below. And at the bottom you’ll find the table of requirements. . . .

. . . . . . . While students in ongoing courses are preparing to be admitted into upper level (level 6 and above) higher education programs here in the UK. . . .   Our teachers have years of experience in English Exam preparation with a very high success rate. We provide a friendly and challenging learning environment, and every learner is given ample opportunity to actively participate in class. Please see the table below for further details on the exam you’re required to pass. 

English Summer School Providers

Embassy Summer UK  /  

Each English Summer School’s own promo language. . . .  a stimulating environment that builds self confidence and empowers them to pursue their chosen carrier path with hope and enthusiasm.

whether traditional English Summer students or current residents in the UK

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English Summer Courses
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H-E Teaching Method & Lesson Plans
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