Our Level 3 Diploma in Creative media Arts courses are awarded by NCFE. Our course qualifications are designed for learners who wish to develop advanced technical skills and knowledge in creative media. While completing the qualification requirements you'll also have the opportunity to garner knowledge, understanding, and essential skills employers are looking for.  

Learners will find it helpful if they have already achieved a Level 2 qualification.  

The Level 3 Diploma consists of 3 graded mandatory units:

  • Collaboration in the creative sector (10 credits)
  • Entreprneurial skills (10 credits)
  • Plan and produce work to a commercial brief (10 credits)

And, 10 graded optional units:

  • Broadcast journalism (10 credits)
  • Directing for a film or television production (10 credits)
  • Editing for film and television (10 credits) 
  • Factual programme production (10 credits)
  • Internet broadcasting techniques (10 credits)
  • Multi-camera production (10 credits)
  • Single camera production (10 credits)
  • sound recording techniques (10 credits)
  • Studio lighting (10 credits)
  • Video production (10 credits) 

Contact us for further information regarding learning outcomes and assessments criteria.

Both full-time and part-time courses commence September 2016.

Auburn College

At Auburn College we do not just equip students with employable skills, but our program is designed for the student that wishes to develop an independant journalistic assessment of community and world events. We realize that today's media is responsible for informing its listener and viewers with up to date information that is socially, ecologically, and politically responsible. We also realize that this requires the student to be able to deconstruct the underlying assumptions of the dominant narative and think outside the box when determining what is news worthy, which perspective is most appropriate, and what ideas need to be supported or challenged. Along this line of thought the Commission On Freedom Of The Press had this to say: "Protection against government is now not enough to guarantee that a man who has something to say shall have a chance to say it. The owners and managers of the press determine which person, which facts, which version of the facts, and which ideas shall reach the public."

Regrettably the above quote rings true. More than ever before alternative media sources are needed and the required technologies are available to make them possible and effective. 

Auburn College's courses in the Media Arts are not just about the technical skills needed to put on a radio, webcast or television production. It's about understanding the multi-facited nature of the issues we face today and how to provide audiences with genuine and diverse points of view while presenting all the relevent facts. With the current trend in media control and ownership more and more opportunities are opening in the startup and boutique media outlets. A growing number of people simply do not trust the major outlets to provide an honest coverage of the news that really matters, and that is resulting in the decline in mainstream media viewing and the demand for quality alternatives.

You may preregister and submit your application online via this link. 

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