COMMUNICATION SKILLS (General - confidence building)

Communicating with confidence

“When Lisa speaks, people sit up and listen. I wish I could be more like that.” 
“Jim is always so clear when he is speaking. You know exactly what he is trying to say. I always seem to get muddled when I try it.”  

Have you ever had thoughts like those? Most of us have. We see and hear people who seem to have the knack,’ a way of communicating that makes people take notice of what they say. And most of usthink it’s something natural, a talent that we can never develop - but most of us are wrong.

Boost your confidence, communication, and chance of success, in just one day  with our COMMUNICATION SKILLS COURSE.

Confident communicators aren’t born that way, they are made. They learn what makes people listen, and respond, and they practise and use those skills every day. Those skills aren’t some secret knowledge, either, but a simple understanding of how and why communication works, and the ways
in which we can enhance what we say, to make sure our message is clear, consistent, and compelling. 

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Communicating with confidence ensures you get your ideas across, and that people remember you,and what you say. It is the best, and simplest, way of achieving your objectives. It helps in any number of situations – talking with colleagues, or your boss, one-to-one and in departmental
meetings, in conversation with existing and potential clients, in appraisals and performance reviews,or in maintaining and improving everyday relationships'

What’s in the workshop?

In the Confident Communication Workshop, you will learn:
•  How to build rapport 
•  How to develop and maintain relationships
•  How  to get your point across 
•  How body language can help 
•  How to create win/win situations
•  How people receive communication
•  How to handle difficult conversations

… And much more besides! 

You will have opportunity to apply the class material to your own situations throughout the day. Who should attend?

Quite simply, everyone! Whether you are interested in developing your communication skills, or
refreshing your knowledge, this is the course for you. We all need to communicate – in business,
with professionals such as doctors and lawyers, and with each other – there is no part of our lives
untouched by communication. Communicating with confidence is essential for happy and productive
relationships, both personally and professionally, so why not sign up today, and start on the path to
better communication, and better results in your life?

COMMUNICATION SKILLS COURSE is currently on offer for only 59.95 (normally 99.00) For those over 65 you may register for only 54.95. Please contact us for details. Seats are limited to 15 students.

Wednesday October 7th, 09:00 to 17:30 1 Day CourseWebsite Short Course for WordPress
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