• Jon-Paul McLaughlin, Founder & CEO

    Centered on principles and balanced between the needs of the community and self; as with our founder so it is with Auburn College. A just world, one that offers a reasonable opportunity for personal growth and development, requires not only equality of protected classes under law, but equality of opportunity socially and economically. It also requires a fresh and critical view of what we mean by community and our relationships in it.

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  • Tererai R. Makwiramiti, Functional Skills to Level 3 Teacher

    Tererai is an enthusiastic, adaptable and creative teacher with a desire and passion to see individuals achieve their full potential.

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  • Jonathan Harris Auburn College Co-Founder

    Jonathan Harris, Co-Founding Director

    Jonathan Harris has worked over nine years in the Third Sector of social enterprises and cooperatives and has set up three Community Interest Companies (CIC's) and co-founded one Social Enterprise/Cooperative.

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  • G. Rhydian Morgan

    Rhyidian Morgan, Employee/Member - Director - Tutor

    Rhydian is an employee/member, Director and tutor at Auburn College. He is our most educated and experienced turor in the area of communications and delivers our related English and Functional Skills courses.

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  • Russell Goffe-Wood Instructor Auburn College

    Russell Goffe-Wood, WordPress Instructor

    Russell is a web, design and social media professional, having run his own company for several years, designing and maintaining websites for large organisations and small businesses.

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