Tererai R. Makwiramiti

JP McLaughlin, CEO Auburn College

Tererai is an enthusiastic, adaptable and creative teacher with a desire and passion to see individuals achieve their full potential.

He enjoys working with people in order to build confidence and self esteem. A good day for Tererai is one in which his interactions with others has expanded their collective perspective, having built on what common ground they share. Identifying people’s strengths and natural talents, drawing them out and building their confidence, is something that comes naturally to him.

Between September 2011 and August 2012 Tererai completed a course of study garnering him C.T.L.L.S and Music Educator qualifications. He is therefore qualified to teach Mathematics, Physics, Computing, General Studies and the Rockschool Music Educator program.

An academic environment is one in which Tererai excels in serving the community. It is his area of strength wherein he has the most to offer and the most room for personal and professional growth.

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