JP McLaughlin

JP McLaughlin, CEO Auburn College

JP McLaughlin has over 40 years of combined business experience in legal, academic and human resources. With a high regard for the cooperative approach, and incorporating management by ownership, he is consistently held in high regard by his fellows at all levels. He is the lead founder of Auburn College, CIC, a social enterprise / co-operative hybrid that incorporates social and economic democratic principles.


He holds two higher education degrees (Political Science & Law) at the first class honours level; and, a third degree in Psychology pending dissertation. He was awarded a TESOL certification by Trinity College in 2011. His academic achievements include multiple Deans List recognitions, Golden Key National Honors Society Certificate of Excellence; Amnesty International Outstanding Leadership Recognition; and, a first place standing in media arts.


During his career in academia he has standardized materials; organized and overseen the delivery of academic coursework; hired and assigned lecturers; and, conducted instructor performance reviews. He has also coordinated awarding body and quality oversight accreditation relationships. Over the three years as an ESOL teacher he developed the Haven-Empowerment teaching method, a teaching approach that has garnered him accolades from fellow teachers and students alike.


With a passion for social and economic justice, and with extensive audio-visual production experience, JP is heading up the development of TCNN (The Citizens News Network) to present a human centred perspective of news events and to provide budding Media Arts students with traineeships and apprenticeships.

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