Jonathan Harris

JP McLaughlin, CEO Auburn College

Jonathan Harris has worked over nine years in the Third Sector of social enterprises and cooperatives and has set up three Community Interest Companies (CIC’s) and co-founded one Social Enterprise/Cooperative. 


Jon is presently director of four CIC’s and manages The Enterprise Foundation’s Birmingham Enterprise Centre at Cobalt Square, Five Ways.


From its inception in October 2013 to the present date Jonathan has successfully developed the Centre from just one floor to five floors covering over 20,000 square feet with 25 companies in residence, over 100 staff, and raising over 180,000 of new business.


The Centre provides total business support packages for start-ups within a vibrant entrepreneurial environment with an emphasis on Social Enterprise, Social Innovation and Community Development. He is co-developing our BTEC For Social Enterprise Entrepreneur course.


The combination of Jon's recent experience in the third sector and previous work within national and local media has been a key factor in the success of Blaze FM, one of Jonathan’s co-founded companies.


"I believe that everybody needs to be heard; whether you are a community group, support project, social enterprise or an individual with your own mission in life, everyone should have the opportunity to share their aims and aspirations.


With the demise of true local radio, there isn't the opportunity anymore for those who need to make their voices heard for the benefit of others."


Blaze FM uses new technologies and social media to address this need, in our extensive research we have found that this need extends to local enterprises. Blaze has a unique approach to meet this"

-    Jonathan Harris

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