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Auburn College is a social enterprise/co-operative centred upon the principle of serving the community by providing quality, affordable education. Our organizational structure provides cost efficiencies that allow us to direct more resources to teaching staff and students where it belongs.  For those that desire to preserve financial resources and/or are contending with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, that can hamper educational goals, we are the ideal place of study.

We provide students with a stimulating environment that builds self confidence and empowers them to pursue their chosen carrier path with hope and enthusiasm. To this end Auburn College uses the Haven-Empowerment teaching model - a teaching method developed and refined by our founder, J.P. McLaughlin. This teaching system provides a comfortable and challenging setting where students can exercise their newly acquired knowledge and skills as they learn.

The college offers tuitions from ESOL, Functional Skills, BTEC, to Higher Education. We are an approved centre for NCFE awards and qualifications.

In addition to gaining knowledge at Auburn College students can participate in traineeships and apprenticeships in the media arts with our partners Blazefm and TCNN (The Citizens News Network). Students can also participate in our upcoming Social Entrepreneur BTEC program. Or, with  Auburn College's extensive connections throughout the Third Sector - the fastest growing sector of our economy - students can further network for work experience and employment opportunities.

Social changes and technologies are developing at an ever accelerating rate. Without an education this generation will not be able to keep up and find meaningful employment. With rising education costs already more than 40% of today’s learners are not be able to repay their student loans. And they are finding themselves caught in the vicious cycle of borrowing to pay for education, and then more education so they can earn more to pay off student loans, and so on. 

Affordable, quality education is more important than ever before. Come join us at Auburn College; learn, grow and expand your horizons!


Values. Plain and simple we put people and our community first. We believe in social, political, and economically just systems. At Auburn College we have put these beliefs into practice. This includes our pay structures, voting procedures, and shared managerial decision making. All of which are incorporated into our constitution.

By our very structure we can and do deliver quality programs at very affordable prices. Students can build upon foundational courses with building blocks of knowledge as they grow academically and financially. We work with our students through BTEC courses, traineeships and aprenticeships structured to aid the student to progress to their own Third Sector business or to become qualified for meaningful employment.


The macroeconomic trend over the last several decades has seen: corporate merger after merger; domestic companies turning into or being absorbed by multinational corporations; and, companies intertwining themselves more and more with government. As a result we see the focus of government and our resources turning to support these large private institutions. Many feel that a sort of corporate welfare system is evolving where government funds, programs and the like are being used to support or even guarantee corporate profits - corporate profits for companies where top managers are paid as high as 91x the company’s median wage. Where is the sense in top level managers earning 10, 20, 30, even 90 times what key staff members earn? Those that provide the product or service and that deal directly with the customer often have a better idea of what is needed then those in their distant ivory towers.  And, receiving 6 to 7 figure bonuses in times of trading losses? We see no acceptable rational in this. The loss to the community as well as to investors is staggering.


Simultaneously, if not as a result of the afore mentioned macroeconomic trend, we observe: persistently high unemployment amongst our youth that lack functional and basic business skills; a vast and growing disparity between rich and poor; more and more members of our community having less disposable income and unable to pay higher education fees; escalating education costs resulting in students borrowing to pay tuition (tuition escalated from 0.00 in 1997 to 9,000 in 2012); over 42% of student borrowers unable to repay their loans; those with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, losing government support; and, more and more funding cuts.


We also observe the mainstream media either ignoring or underreporting the real problems we’re facing today. Dissatisfied with mainstream media choices people are turning to alternative news sources in greater numbers. MSNBC lost over 10% of its viewing audience in one quarter alone.

We at Auburn College Recognize the need for the development and growth of Third Sector organizations that are centred upon sound humanistic principles (as opposed to corporate opportunism). These organizations by structure are balanced between the needs of the people that make up the organization and the community they serve and provide a win-win relationship that is truly sustainable. Local organizations and the community can and should benefit together. For Auburn College this means offering programs that provide training for those looking to start their own businesses in the Third Sector; educating more legal experts to help with formation and advising for these start-ups; providing media arts education, training and placement to help bring greater professionalism to alternative news groups (already on the upswing); and, Third Sector modules in Public Policy and Administration programs to empower graduates to provide an informed voice in the halls of government.

We have founded the college to attain these goals.


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